It’s common to miss a call, especially if you are home relaxing.  Missing a call is not always unintentional–Sometimes to relax, we have to be away from our phones.

Distractions are all around us at home.  We get locked into a what we’re doing and may not even know where our phone is. That’s really not a bad thing either.  It can be healthy to unplug.


There are always calls that we need to answer–even if it is our relaxation time.   A friend might need your help. A family member might have a change of plans that you need to know about.  Or there might be an emergency that needs to be addressed.

Life happens, even when we are unplugged and off duty.  Ellu provides that little extra insurance in such instances.  Friends and family can page you, so even if you don’t hear your phone, they can still connect with you.

Think of it as a friendly tap on your shoulder to get your attention–except it’ll be a vibration to the wrist.