Ēllu’s various functions are introduced here.

Pager Function:

Cut through the noise and get a contact’s attention NOW!


Let your contact know you’ve received the page.


Sending and Disabling SOS:

Safety first! Get help from your group of contacts with an expedited automatic message showing your current location and movements.


Friends Finder is a great social feature for reaching out to anyone on your contacts list for any reason. An informal chat function is also included.

Accept/Reinvite Friends:

Manage your Friends list.


“Where Are You?” Send:

Track down your friends’ exact locations.


“Where Are You?” Receive:

Receive a “Where Are You” request.


“Let’s Meet Up” Send:

Set a meeting with one or more friends.


Aware Receive:

Join an Aware group for a friend.


Accept Contacts / Delete Contacts:

Manage your contact list.


Block and Delete Contacts:

Block and unblock your contacts.