It’s hard to send a child off to college.  How can you keep your child in college safe?

Ellu would probably not exist but for this concern.  The solution? We began with the idea of building an anxiety-relieving phone-based system to help protect college students.

The evolution from that origin has been both gradual and dramatic, turning ideas into reality:

An easy to use, intuitive phone app to provide an additional layer of campus safety.

An easy to build Personal Safety Network of friends and family.

Geo-location for everyone in that network so help can be identified and tracked.

Video streaming.

Group chat during an incident.

Discrete and immediate SOS calls through our easily accessible blue tooth wrist band.

An “Aware” feature that lets your network know you’re off to a destination and you arrived safely.

A collection of bonus features that are so valuable, your college student will wear the Ellu band and use it every day.

Sending your student off to a college campus will still be hard, but with Ellu there will be quite a bit less separation anxiety.