Let me keep this simple: every expectant dad needs to have an Ellu band.

Forget all the unexpected things that could happen.  I’ll leave it friends and family to do their job in terrifying you with their labor and delivery stories.  Anxiety goes off the charts with each passing day as you get closer to your due date.

Let’s talk just for a second about relieving some of that anxiety.  The soon-to-be dad knows his phone must stay at the ready, but is it really worth it to risk missing THE CALL?


If there is ever a time in your life where you need a backup plan, the birth of a child is it.  Trust me, for relieving anxiety alone, the use of the Ellu band is well worth it.

Yes, dad will jump with every Ellu vibration received.  Even if it’s not THE CALL, the practice is a good idea. Don’t be surprised if mom actually tests dad a few times (and, yes, dad better come through!).

Plus, jumping when his family needs him is something dad better get used to–today and for years to come.