Family really matters to me, but I’m not always able to answer my phone.

I often get accused of “intentionally” not answering phone calls from family members.  Not true: I am happy to speak to anyone in my family.  It’s the rest of the world I don’t want to answer to.

My defenses are pretty simple.  I don’t hear the call.  I can’t reach my phone.  The ringer is off because I don’t want my phone disturbing others.  I’m in no mood to even see who’s calling me now.

It’s never the case that I don’t want to connect with family.

I use the Ellu paging feature so my family can connect with me when they need to.  With a simple touch on the app, my family can page me, sending a not-to-be-missed signal straight to me.  I don’t miss my Ellu band vibrating on my wrist, so I no longer miss my family calling me.

So, give Dad a break–unless he ignores his vibrating Ellu wrist band.  Because that would be intentional.