Seriously, it’s unhealthy to be tethered to your phone. More and more studies are coming to that conclusion.

You need to be able to be “present” in life to enjoy it.  For yoga to be effective, you need to focus without interruptions. Staring into your phone while out at a restaurant is just plain rude.  Some have taken to collecting all phones prior to a dinner party so as to avoid temptation.

But still…

You might not have a choice but to stay close to your phone. What if you are expecting a doctor to call with a consultation? Or you have a bid in on buying a house? Or you told the babysitter she can reach you on your phone if there is an emergency?

Let’s face it, although we don’t want to be monitoring our phones for important calls at all times, we might be obligated to.

With Ellu’s Pager feature, you can put your phone down with confidence that you won’t miss those who count on reaching you. You can go back to being present in whatever non-phone activity you choose.